I like me.

When I found that I didn’t have fit

into others’ expectations,

I was free.


Why bother?

You don’t, that’s why you’re still not bothering.


Spirituality does not exist.

It only exists when we are still in the mental realm.

When we are in it, nothing exists.


Spirituality is reality.

When we are in it, it exists.

When we go beyond,

it neither exists, nor

not exists.



Is neither real nor not real.

It is the constant play of

one in another.


Using truth as poison.

Truth can be a two edged sword.

It is either something that you want,

or something that you are.

The poison is

being led to believe truth is

somewhere else.


Living the dream.

Living the dream is always

living someone else’s dream.

Ours dreams are nightmares

wanting to wake up.

We put up with it because

we know no better.

Once we become aware,

we will know better.


The jabber clatter.

Everywhere we go there is jabber clatter,

music, noise, conversations, are the

jabbering cluttering-chatter,

of distraction.

Its vibrational sound

dulls the mind.


Digital god.

We seek the answer

from the digital god

the mobile.

It is an addictive religion.


I’m too busy to stop.

We spend our life either

vacant, occupied or asleep.

And never find the time

to know who we truly are,

or wake up.



There will always be

vigorous carelessness in the world.

People justify their actions with

selfish righteousness.

Maybe it’s their first

human incarnation.

They seem to like uniforms and rules.


Precious human life.

Our time here is so precious,

to realise our true essence.

and what do we do with it?

We only know we have choice,

when we have a choice.




I am better than you,

but he is better than me.

He thinks he is bette than us,

but we know we are better than him.

She’s just as bad!

We divide ourselves to appear to be better.

Appearance isn’t everything.


Nothing ever happens.

Because these bodies do not permanently exist,

they cannot be said to have done anything.

Because this mind cannot be said to exist,

it too cannot be said to exist.

Therefore, nothing ever happened.



Crazy wisdom.

Crazy wisdom is said to put one’s mind into neutral.

At the dining table a teacher took the food out of his mouth

and handed it to a student.

The student ‘was’ disgusted.

Then took it, to swallow his pride.

Don’t try this at home!



The right time, the right place to the right person.

The pointing out instruction of the nature of mind

has to given at the right moment.

For some it is a word, for others a gesture.

You may or may not ‘get’ it.

But the seed will be sown.



If you have joy in other achievements,

that joy is real, as pride has totally gone.




It only deceives you and those around you.



Are not worth the paper they are printed on,

unless put into practice.













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