Words can have a synchronicity and energy. Suddenly, the synapses wire up and we get it!

Of course, we first we have to have been looking, which means practising of some sort, asking an inner question. This seems to happen when we are no longer satisfied with our present understanding. Our present understanding may be correct, but not complete…for us. This happened to me this morning; I was wondering whether I was trying too hard, or whether I was being lazy. And then I saw the word ‘tranquility’ which was synchronistic at that moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

The nature of mind (our essential nature) is naturally tranquil. In all circumstances, this tranquility is present. When we acknowledge and recognise this, we no longer rush around chasing after some thing.

This is especially relevant in our daily conduct. The more tranquil and clear we are, the more efficient we are. The more we are in charge!

For tranquility, we don’t need tranquillisers. We become depressed because are trying to keep up with expectations, and feel a failure. We blame others or the situation, and spiral down into darkness, with someone there ready to get us a pill to dull our mind and senses.

The most interesting time to test our tranquility
is relating with others
which can be testing

The nature of mind is naturally tranquil and clear,
and has always been so.



In the words of a man released from prison after nearly 30 years on death row in Alabama:

“I am a joyful person. I have a good sense of humour and that’s what kept me sane for the 30 years I was locked up.

“I couldn’t let them steal what I had left which was joy. They had robbed me of my 30s, my 40s and my 50s so if I get mad and hate them I’m letting them steal my joy.”

“I’m taking one step at a time and just want to try to live within my own means, try to bring joy to someone else, live a fruitful life and just be happy”.

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One Response to TRANQUILITY

  1. tony says:

    Like most house-holders there are things that have to be done during the day.

    As a certain type of practitioner, there are a number of prayers, mantras and deity practices to get through every morning. One tends to find that one is speeding up to get through them all, so ‘tranquility’ can easily get lost.

    However, one can keep one’s tranquility (inner joy) going slowly or fast it all depends on the individual. “Not too tight and not too loose”, stops one from being mechanical โ€œout of tune’.


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