Perception And Reflection Are Inseparable
This is the realisation of the two truths – non duality.

For most of us, what usually happens is that perception gets caught up in the reflection of perception (the object). This creates a subject (me perceiving), and a separation occurs and is maintained.

When perception identifies with a reflection, perception becomes caught in a deception. This is mara activity – demonic activity – and nothing more than that! Of course, this identification sounds harmless enough, but it is the precursor to stifled or exploding emotions. These like-and-dislike demons are always lurking, ready to pounce when we consent.

We can easily miss the point of spiritual activity, by getting caught up in the practice or wandering off. I do this all the time. The point is to be honest and not pretend that we are practising; rather, if we analyse the experience/problem, we then find the solution. Remember; our spiritual evolution is in our own hands. We do the refining. The problem is usually that we are more interested in our habitual interpretation of reality than in reality!

An example:
Chanting mantras or prayers is used as an extension of pure perception, and can help inspire us – but it can also become a distraction. We may be ‘involved’ in visualisations or chanting at speed. Unfortunately this can also hold us down in the reflection, as ‘we’ are ‘doing’ the practice. That is a separation, a duality.

Much depends on who told us what to do and why. Teachings are generalised and are at a certain level. We have to be careful not to be too literal with someone else’s intention at that moment. Some advice is just expedient.

Remember the Buddha’s words; “Not too tight and not too loose”, and “Don’t take my word for it.” We have to follow what feels right for us, gain confidence and act compassionately.

When chanting, merely hear the sound of the voice.
Hearing is totally open like the other senses.

This is mere perception.
Perception and reflection are inseparable.

During practice, when taking a breath there is a silent emptiness.
Perception and emptiness are inseparable.

This is always present.

This goes for any spiritual practice. Once we get the hang of this, it goes for any activity. In this way, whether we are engaged in a ‘high’ practice or washing the floor, there is no difference.

Perception and reflection are one continuity of our essential nature.

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