Still Not Convinced?

The answer is so simple, and our confusion is so complex. We buy hundreds of spiritual books and go to teachings and retreats because we keep doubting. When we keep doubting, we play the role of pauper, having no wealth. Maybe it’s just our synapses habitually mistrusting others and ourselves. It’s as if we are continuously walking to the end of the road and finding ourselves at the beginning again.

We imagine that the exotic has the answer,
when the answer is quite ordinary
without ornamentations.

We will not find the answer to ultimate truth anywhere else in the universe (in any universe) but in our own pure nature – pure knowingness. The problem is that we might expect the universe to suddenly change (go transparent 🙂 ) and all our karma to instantaneously disappear. We still have work to do by relaxing. Loosening. I have to remind myself of this all the time.

The more we want to know,
the less we will know.

We are not trusting in
our own knowingness.

We keep finding ourselves
back at the beginning, doubting.

Doubt is our jailer
and doubt gets expensive!

Our wealth is within us
and nowhere else.

You are Rinpoche:
Precious One.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I’m convinced….and have solidified and confirmed many beliefs over the past few years by experiencing and researching and proving the existence of many truths to myself .

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