The Age Of Absurdity

In the age of absurdity,
we have become experts in absurdity
and then complain about it.

All life is precious, especially human life as we have the ability to become enlightened – to be lifted out of absurdity. Through intelligence and a good heart, we can know our essential nature of awareness that is pure and uncontaminated by the obsession of a self image: absolute reality has created a confused reflection. This is the basis of our suffering.

But we go even further: we divide ourselves into groups, and groups then divide themselves. This division cause strife, tension, anxiety, hatred and fear, all because we ignore our true nature. This absurdity is destroying the planet, our sanity and our kindness. Absurdity is going in the opposite direction to happiness.

All we need is a simple life to sustain this human body, with time to clear the mind, to be less busy. Then we have the opportunity to discover our true nature, and dissolve that which obscures this nature that is already happy.

Collectively, we have made life very complicated.
People killing people, because they are not like us is wrong.
We know this.

Things have always been so, but now it is quicker and easier because of technology and money. It’s easier now to kill en masse from afar, and these inventions cannot be un-invented.

So what can we do?
Well, it is the age of absurdity. That’s it. We just don’t consent to group deception by believing everything we are told, read and hear. For example, in this of absurd age of austerity, it’s amazing how much money is available for weapons and technology 😉

The more clearly we identify absurdity,
the more clearly we acknowledge our path!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I can relate to, and wholeheartedly agree with this post !

  2. Marcel says:

    Samsara is absurd. A big joke!

  3. Marcel says:

    Without God, everything is dust; without meaning. The only thing that is real, is the sacred. Absurdity doesn’t make any sense, but there’s always light at the end of tunnel. The light is always there, always present. Here and now. The metaphysical dimension of reality; cutting through time and concepts. Jacob: “God is here, and I didn’t know it.”, Genesis 28:16. It takes only ears to hears and eyes to see. Indeed, Concepts, clouding the mind don’t help to see as-is. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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