Transforming An Empty Feeling Into Emptiness

Sometimes we may feel empty, as in deplete, emotionless, pointless. Disillusioned. We are no longer in the swing of samsara; we are in no-man’s land, neither in the groove of samsara nor dwelling in the celestial realms of the enlightened. It is here that we might well feel depressed, and so seek escape, back into comfort of samsara*. Or, we can look more closely at our predicament.

We may think, “Am I happy or unhappy?” This will depend on what we consider to be happiness.

If we consider happiness to be a non-state that no outside force can disturb, then happiness will be seen in a different ‘light’.

Emptiness is awareness that is uncontaminated by likes and dislikes; it is content to just be. We no longer need the “noise and the hurry”: we no longer fear the “noise and the hurry”, and because of this, we may feel slightly nihilistic. This empty feeling is an echo of our natural nature, which we can mistake for pointlessness.

I had the privilege of meeting and receiving teachings from Tenga Rinpoche, and this is video of his passing. He needed nothing.

Tukdam: A realised practitioner continues to abide by the recognition of the nature of mind at the moment of death, and awakens into the Ground Luminosity when it manifests. He or she may even remain in that state for a number of days. Some practitioners and masters die sitting upright in that state for a number of days. Some practitioners and masters die sitting upright in meditation posture, and others in the “posture of the sleeping lion.” Besides their perfect poise, there will be other signs that show they are resting in the state of the Ground Luminosity: There is still a certain colour and glow in their face, the nose does not sink inward, the skin remains soft and flexible, the body does not become stiff, the eyes are said to keep a soft and compassionate glow, and there is still a warmth at the heart. Great care is taken that the master’s body is not touched, and silence is maintained until he or she has arisen from this state of meditation.

(Tenga Rinpoche had lost an eye, part of a leg and several fingers due to diabetes).

*“Down Town”: a beautifully sung song but with the most idiotic words. It’s what shuffled us along and infiltrated our minds in Britain through the 1960’s.

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  1. tony says:

    The feeling of emptiness (as in depressed) is because we feel that emptiness should be filled.

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