The Wisdom Of Uncertainty

Life is about change: everything is impermanent. When we believe things to be solid and lasting, we restrict our ability to deal with change. We suffer because we are holding on to ‘how it was,’ or ‘how it should be’. Life is a constant cycle of temporary gain and loss, praise and blame, the pleasant and unpleasant. There’s no knowing what will turn up next.

However, knowingness itself (uncontaminated awareness) will always be present, ready to deal with the next unexpected phenomenon. We only have to see how people try to keep everything the same, and become disturbed when change occurs or defensive when they encounter another point of view.

Wisdom lies in the understanding that everything has no true, lasting existence: that everything begins in emptiness, resides in emptiness and dissolves back into emptiness. It’s the same with our thoughts, ideas and beliefs. And it’s the same in with dealing people – relationships come and go.

This understanding is tough to appreciate as we would all like to ‘cruise’ for a while and have a rest from all this change. Well, that’s exactly what we have to do – cruise with uncertainty! This means taking everything as it comes to pass, adapting to everything with a light – and enlightened – touch. Life is short and getting shorter! Of that, we can be certain 😀

When we meditate, we step out of the control of gain and loss, praise and blame, and the pleasant and unpleasant. We just let go, and relax…rest.

We would all like to ‘put things right’…now! Things (and this is usually directed towards people) become right in their own good time. People are uncertain and confused, but with support, they too will see the wisdom in their uncertainty and confusion.

Take a moment during the day to stop and relax.
Gradually, the moments join up.

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  1. tony says:

    It’s really the “Joy of uncertainty.”
    A carefreeness without being careless.

    Nothing is fixed, although we have to be mindful of others’ fears.
    We can be very effective because of love for the moment.
    That is joy in action.

  2. marcel says:

    ” .. love for the moment. That is joy in action.”

    A 360°. Return to innocence.

    “Om is tatha (so be it) with a song. But Om is something divine, and tatha is something human.”
    — Aitareya Aranyaka Upanishad

    The absolute manifesting in the relative. La quadrature du cercle. The metaphysical dimension of reality.

    Joy of loving kindness and experiencing the miracle in front of your eyes, goosebumping skins.

    Indeed, now is the moment and without love, everthing is dust.

    Now, back to practice 🙂 Have a nice sunday.

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