The Real Power of OM MANI PEME HUM
is in the realisation of not applying it!

Buddhism is not for the complacent:
it’s for those who investigate everything.

In Buddhism, compassion is highlighted through the practice of the mantra of the lord of compassion, Chenrezi – Om mani peme hum. Compassion is the combination of practising the six perfections of generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance, meditation and transcendent knowledge, for the benefit of all beings suffering in the six psychological realms (hell, hungry ghosts, animal, human, jealous god and god realms) .

This sounds wonderful 🙂 All we have do is repeat, “Om mani peme hum” and we are practising the six perfections. Not so!

“But it makes me feel good!” That’s great, but not quite the point. If we walk around assuming that, because we chant “Om mani peme hum”, we are practising the six perfections simply because we are repeating a mantra, we will never upgrade our capacity, our understanding, our intelligence and love.

It is when we realise that we are not totally applying the six perfections of compassion in any given situation, that we understand that we are still self-centred. Because of the discomfort of this realisation, we can loosen our grip and change occurs. If we then apply the six perfections to ourselves – starting with generosity – the warmth that was missing from the situation arises, and we transcend our limitations.

We realise with sincere regret that we haven’t been that compassionate! Every cloud has a golden lining!!!

Don’t fester.

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