Spiritual Conduct
“Descend with the view, while ascending with the conduct”.

This means allowing absolute compassion to pervade all our actions. Learning to be kind and express love in a troubled world is challenging to a spiritually-inclined person. ‘The troubled world is one where the only challenge is seeking pleasure without finding satisfaction, and the suffering that results from this. That is the addiction of human existence.

The view is absolute pure awareness realising absolute compassion. However, as conceptual beings, our expression of compassion is limited as any fixation is a hinderance. But that’s why we’re here…to practise being perfect, and let go of fixations!

We have the problem of wanting to be kind: in wanting to be kind, there is an element of fixation, and this can be misunderstood and even abused. Accepting this, we do it anyway.

Compassion is our natural expression.
Natural expression is the Lord of Compassion.

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