Life Becomes Fruitful When…
we understand and recognise our true nature.
It stands up to the test,
and we can laugh.

It is rare to understand and recognise that our true nature is just pure conscious awareness. It’s easy to say these words, but to suddenly see this is … “Oh my goodness, is that what they’ve been talking about?!” Seeing this is quite an achievement and makes life worthwhile, because we previously believed what everyone else believed – that we have to conform to a stereotype, holding on to a fixed and oversimplified image or idea of what we should be. A caricature caught up in a plot for life.

Once we know that the true nature of our mind is emptiness (which is also the true nature of all sentient beings), then anything that appears in that emptiness of mind is seen as a diversion and a reminder. Because of that clear seeing, diversions – which develop into emotions – are now heard, loud and clear!

These emotions are natural to a sentient mind. Unfortunately, that which can help us evolve is now seen as an illness; modern medicine wants give us pills to dull the mind when its upset. That’s a cure? The cure for emotions is understanding that they are wisdoms. But then again, science doesn’t understand consciousness, be it pure or impure.

Okay so far. We see all this. Now how stable are we?

This is where practitioners will go to uncomfortable places, exposing themselves to fears and judgements in order to see how neutral they remain in the face of the unpleasant – and actually, the pleasant as well. Eastern practitioners traditionally go to graveyards at night: we might visit a shopping mall, a pub, a spiritual centre 😀 Can we sustain our inner peace? This is easily tested by going to a crowded place, and allowing all judgement to subside … or not. Either way, we are learning something, testing our understanding.

If we are interested in our spiritual side,
then it’s best to go all the way.
We have to do more than merely dip our toe in the water.

Those who see and run away,
live to see another day.

We may, however, not get another chance for a long time.

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