Humour Is So Important

We may find that those six perfections are not what we experience. We don’t have generosity, patience, perseverance, discipline, meditation or insight: in fact we are more expert in grumpiness.

Just admitting that is seeing the funny side, and is very intelligent.

Look. We are sentient beings with all sorts of problems and hangups, so things are bound to go wrong. Sod’s law – “If something can go wrong, it will”. 😀 😀 😀 What did we expect if we weren’t paying attention? And of course, we suffer. I’ve lost count of the mental and physical bruises I have gathered throughout life. If we truly realise that we have been misguided, changes occur. Door close and doors open. Because of a recognition, life seems to take a natural change.

To keep doing the same actions and expect things to get better is (to say the least) a little blinkered. Awareness of our tendencies is the key! Identifying the problem. Oh, the relief of finding an answer for ourselves is so satisfying. We have learnt something – “I am not as stupid as I thought I was” – and we gain confidence. And in confidence – not arrogance – we find real joy and empathy.

Allowing ourselves to make mistakes is generosity … and the rest follows. All that matters is that we recognise our tendencies, and with understanding and experiencing, we realise that change can occur. In the moment now is all the teacher we need. We no longer have to feel inadequate or foolish or, for that matter, keep relying on an outer teacher.

Humour starts with being generous with ourselves: rest follows naturally. The answer is in front of us, as we use whatever is available. Always look for visible signs before looking for the invisible!

The more we understand, the more fun we have, and the more we have empathy for things going ‘wrong’. We don’t linger on what went wrong – or right – and so, we gradually refine the whole process.

The cosmic joke is that we separate ourselves from everything creating a duality when, in the moment, we are one with all that is perceived.

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