The Advancement Of Inequality

Our view only has to change a little to see things differently.

Are we here in a human body to realise that we are ‘precious ones’ … jewels in the mud … light in the dark … or are we here to do the elite’s bidding, while believing we are free but actually getting deeper into the mud … the dark state?

All men are equal,” is a myth promoted by rulers that we have freedom (in conventional reality) to be millionaires (although they don’t want you to be richer than them), when in truth this quotation only concerns our absolute reality. “All sentient beings are equal,” means all have the potential of Buddha nature – awakened nature – but through sentimentality we fall into the dark every time.

As Boxer, in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, said, “I will work harder.” Boxer is described as a hardworking but naive and ignorant horse who is the farm’s most dedicated and loyal labourer. Boxer serves as an allegory for the working-class.

Advancements in technology, genetics and artificial intelligence are creating a world in which economic values have made people into biological machines: even worse, we are now becoming useless, incompetent machines, making way for something superior.

In the 19th and 20th centuries something changed, with the introduction of technological and economic changes connected to new ideologies. The elite (a group of people having power and influence over society) needed large numbers of healthy people educated to a certain degree to serve as soldiers in the army and as workers in the factories. Governments educated the masses to be useful, to do their bidding.

Has mankind been manipulated for decades? Millions of ordinary people have suffered and died in wars that were manufactured, as we can easily see happening in wars now. Did all those atomic tests in the 1950s create modern day cancers for which there seems no cure? Are wars, and the fallout from wars, a huge social and political experiment? Are health services a massive testing ground in order for the wealthy to benefit from new technology to obtain a longer life?

But now that’s all changing, again.

Today, the elite only requires a small number of highly professional, technologically-skilled people. Factories are increasingly automated and run by robots, and this has contributed to the creation of the most unequal society that has ever existed in human history: “A New World Order.”

To those who say, “We’ll have more leisure time!”, the truth is that you will not be needed! There are reasons to fear such a future – the future is coming fast. Self-drive vehicles lead to self-drive delivery vehicles operated by a single system: instead of the need for many hands, all that will be required is one finger – and that finger doesn’t have to be human.

In the past, humans had limited abilities to manipulate and engineer bodies and minds, but now it is totally different. With wealth, it seems there comes a longer life. The rich – through purchasing biological enhancements – could become, literally, better than the rest; more intelligent and healthier, with greatly increased lifespans.

In the past, the nobility tried to convince the masses that they were superior to everyone else and so should hold power. In the future, they really will be superior to the masses, and will control them – and it’s already happening!

The rise of artificial intelligence – and not just automation – will mean that huge numbers of people, in all kinds of jobs, simply lose their economic usefulness. The result is the separation of humankind into a very small class of super-humans, and a massive underclass of ‘useless’ people, which will include the middle classes. This future is being flaunted every day.

What can we do about all this? Are we talking about an intelligence far greater than that which humanity currently possesses?

Humanity can be aware of what is happening. We can learn to think for ourselves instead of being entertained and distracted, so not noticing what is actually happening. We consent when we allow children ‘shoot-em up’ games and access to the corrosive peer pressure of social media which promotes an unreal view of life while desensitising them, under the banner of giving them freedom. It’s all a massive trap to maintain inequality in the population.

Dare to be aware and think for yourself.
With meditation comes clarity to see everything differently,
and all we have to do is be aware, and so wake up!

Conscious awareness turns everything on its head.
We can get off the conveyor belt,
and allow self-existing wakefulness to direct us.

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