What About ‘Me’?

We are not automata. We have a side to us, a temperament, a peculiar personality. We are definitely animals, and not vegetables ;D and we do not have to keep feeling guilty for having a ‘me’.

Once we’ve been introduced to the very nature of mind, which is our essential nature of pure awareness – consciousness conscious of itself – we realise that we are embodied in a human vehicle, with a human brain, and a human way of talking. This human vehicle, with a human brain and a human way of talking, is what we usually call ‘me’.

Now we realise that our essential nature and ‘me’ are not the same thing. I write a blog about the nature of mind that is inspired by the Buddha’s teachings, and those who have realised the Buddha’s teachings. However, if you met me in the street, I would just be an ordinary bloke who lifts boxes, digs holes, needs help with his grammar and paints pictures (the boxes are full of stuff that may be useful one day – I’m that sort of human). And if we spoke together, you might find me a bit annoying … that is my ‘me’ side. Others’ ‘me’s’ are are much nicer: if we are brought up in a nice environment, we will probably appear to be nicer people, although this is not a prerequisite for intelligence and kindness.

There is no point in fighting against our ‘me’: we are stuck with it. This ‘me’ comes from our upbringing, education, life experiences and habitual sense of self identity. Merely avoid exaggerating this ‘me’, and get on with neutralising karma.

By understanding ‘me’, we can understand ‘you’ and therefore we can empathise, although some ‘me’s’ may seem ludicrous and obsessive. Being ‘special’ is a huge weight to carry around. Being ordinary is liberating.

I like being ‘me’; we get on well together.
Why not like being you?
It’s what you have to work with.

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