‘I’ Am Confused

‘I’ am confused.
‘I’ have always been confused.
‘I’ will always be confused.

But what is it that recognises this confusion? What is it that has always been there, recognising, knowing, being aware, being conscious? Confusion is always recognised, isn’t it? We are confused about this and that in this crazy world, but awareness has always been present, never changing.

Realising this is confusion dawning as wisdom.

The real I is that which recognises. That is consciousness. But here’s the thing: what is it that is aware of consciousness? Are we about to go round in circles? Not at all. We are the very heart or essence of conscious awareness itself. It has always been there … here … now. It doesn’t matter how much confusion there is in the mind, mind essence/pure consciousness is the everlasting witnessing. That is our true reality, rather than the comings and goings of programmed precepts. Pure consciousness has never been confused, but just distracted by doubts in the mind. As Gampopa said, “May confusion dawn as wisdom.”

The Four Dharmas of Gampopa

May my mind become one with the teaching.
May the teaching progress along the path.
May the path clarify confusion.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.

We are a transparent circle of no circumference. This conscious, uncontaminated emptiness sees all the comings and goings of appearances in the mind. We have become the filling of emptiness by trivial concepts that cloud clarity and solidify a feeeling of ‘I’.

We are so much more.

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