The Subtle Change In Consciousness
from the unreal to the real.

Humans (in fact, all sentient beings) perceive through the senses: we recall memories, form judgements and then react. This is our reptilian response of fight, flight or freeze, and it is for this reason that we miss the moment of pure perception, pure awareness, pure consciousness, which is also known as empty cognisance.

Emptiness cannot be realised unless appearances in the mind are first recognised. Without this recognition, we will continue to believe that these appearances are the reality, and we’ll stop there.

The recognition of appearances in the mind creates a pause in our habitual processing and reacting. This pause in our programme helps us recognise that appearances are taking place within the clear space of emptiness, in the same way that these words appear by virtue of a clear screen.

Sitting in silent meditation allows this clarity to be seen. Once we can see our thoughts and emotions, we can now realise the pure space that they occupy. This pure space is emptiness.

Most of the time, we are either too busy with our perceptions or vacant in oblivion. Once we can rest in the emptiness of clarity, our whole view changes. We are that clarity of emptiness – we just got real!

Now we are free of the programme. As Tulku Urgyen said, we are “Free in the moment of seeing.”

Once we see – thus realising our true nature – we just get on with life. Our life was created by our past actions (karma), and now we learn not to re-enact this karma, so dissolving its effects. Karma – life – is now our teacher.

When we stop holding onto ideas, we can enjoy the dis-illusion.

This realisation only costs us a reduction in our karmic debt. If truth is covered up by excessive use of technical terminology or cultural references, it becomes costly and addictive, because we feel we aren’t good enough to be told and understand the truth. Ridiculous! Of course we are good enough; we are the goodness of truth itself.

We can live in the natural light of love, rather than others’ shadows.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The real work lies in personal relationships which shows us how we hold on to ideas about others and ourselves.

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