Confusion Dawns As Wisdom”

Our path to enlightenment is not whatever spiritual tradition or group to which we belong.
Our path to enlightenment is the disillusion* of our own confusion. It’s personal…

The very moment we recognise that things aren’t so good, or that we are upset – and in fact suffering – is the moment we have arrived at realisation. We are enlightened. Our confusion dawns as wisdom.

Recognition and realisation are simultaneous!

That is only the first step. We now have to remain at rest within that realisation. Now the work begins. We start to notice all those mental barriers that we believedwere good for us when, in fact, we were just following the crowd. You see, it is personal. Once we notice our confusion, we can then empathise with others’ confusion.

It is the experiencing of the personal rawness of life rather than following generalised precepts that actuates realisation. This does not mean that we can suddenly change, as we still have the residue of our and others’ karma to deal with.

Genuine realisation takes care of change; whatever needs to develop, develops, and whatever needs to be dropped, falls away. With genuine realisation comes compassion for others as we understand past and present confusion. When we know that we know, true confidence arises.

The quotation, “Confusion dawns as wisdom,” comes from Gampopa, who was a Kagyu teacher.

May my mind turn towards the Dharma.
May the Dharma become the path.
May the path clarify confusion.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.

(1079–1153 CE)

You will notice that Dzogchen starts with “Confusion dawns as wisdom”, and we then use the Dharma to support that realisation. Karma Kagyu, on the other hand, builds up to wisdom gradually. It is our choice either to start at the beginning or at the end (and actually, the confusion never ever existed; the confusion was that we created something out of nothing).

Jesus also knew what he was talking about: “I and my father are one.”
The recognition of a confused I is the oneness of simultaneous realisation.

Have a great Christmas.


*Disillusion:disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one  believed it to be.

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