Should We Talk About Such Things?

Is our intelligence merely received information?
The more we investigate, the more potent the observation.

Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

If our intelligence is just received information, then we are programmed through language and thought rather than through observation, so our intelligence only goes so far. There is nothing wrong with thoughts, but when we cling to them and cultivate them, they limit pure experience, and everything becomes second hand.

If we think that we have reason then, at what level of consciousness are we reasoning? Words create thoughts, and thoughts create emotions of pride, jealousy, desire, aversion and indifference. So thoughts are prewritten programming – when did we last have a free thought? When do we actually start thinking for ourselves? And can we?

We are in a Catch-22 situation of being trapped in reactions to beliefs.

Catch 22: the result, from rules, regulations, or procedures, that an individual is subject to, but has no control over, because to fight the rule is to accept it.

We have to go beyond thought into consciousness itself, where perception first takes place. A red car goes by, and we don’t have to think, “Oo! There’s a red car!” We already know. There is no need to luxuriate over the car, or claim that we know what kind it is. Our ‘valued’ opinions come later because of our tendency – our programming – to behave in a particular way, while pure perception is pure consciousness: it is the one taste of perception which is present before first impressions, judgements and reactions arise, controlling us through our acquired pattern of behaviour.

Going beyond intelligence is going beyond reasoning. We need reasoning to survive and to study and, if all we want to do is survive and study, then common reasoning is enough. We are fed information and that can become our life, where we rely on others to write programmes for us to play with. Texting offers predictive text, autocomplete and autocorrect, and we can add emojis that symbolise an idea or concept … all in all, a truly limited existence and experience.

When we can cut through our thoughts and emotions by merely seeing them, we are free. Meditation of the clear view cantake us beyond thoughts, to experience pure consciousness. This doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything: rather, we realise that we are knowingness itself, before anything is known.

Philosophy is the study of the nature of knowledge.
Wisdom is beyond knowledge, just being.

When we stop talking and thinking, we are free.
Free in the moment of just seeing.

We can enjoy everything that we do, but it is nothing special.
What’s special is recognising that all appearances are empty of inherent existence.

Then we just play with illusions.

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