There Is One, Simple, Universal Truth

There is one, simple, universal truth:
we are non-duality of pure conscious.

Our story starts when we admit that we ignore this truth,
and finishes with the realisation of this truth.
Until then, we wander here and there.

When we realise that we are pure consciousness,
we also realise that every sentient being is pure consciousness.

We now notice that all sentient beings ignore this truth,
and wander here and there.

It is because we ignore this simple truth
that we are unhappy.

Recognising unhappiness,
compassion arises through empathy.

What do we do with this empathetic compassion?
We learn to clarify confusion,
not add to it.

This is direct, esoteric teaching.

Without realising our true essence, we wander here and there, seeking happiness that is already our nature. Until we understand the truth of our reality, we create one, and so contaminate our mind with speculation. We become lost in concepts, and mistake pure, uncontaminated consciousness for something mystical. That is the state of duality to which exoteric teachings have brought us.

All beings throughout this infinite universe are pure consciousness. Without consciousness, nothing would be known. When we decide to look at this consciousness, it only takes a moment to find that there is nothing but consciousness. We live in dangerous, troubled times. In truth, ignorance does not excuse us from suffering: we will suffer until we stop ignoring our reality.

Esoteric teachings are uncomfortable for those who prefer to be attracted to the strong identity of exoteric teachings, which are incomplete as they maintain a duality.

We might ask, “What are exoteric teachings?” They tell us all is well … be at peace … go placidly … believe … pretend … fake it … and this is why people don’t trust religion any more.

Esoteric is non-duality.
Exoteric is duality.

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