Brainwashing? Brain Filling!
Always consider reverse engineering.

We are influenced by subliminal imagery sent directly to the brain – bypassing the conscious mind – and can have ideas put into our brains to ‘better’ our self. Why do we think we have a problem? Mind manipulation has already taken place.

Reverse engineer everything.
If we are getting information,
we are giving it at the same time.

Meditation is reverse engineering our mind.
We’re clearing out the programming
so that we see clearly, and in a unique way.

It is not a matter of reading and acquiring clever information from the ‘wise guys’. It’s a matter of seeing clearly for ourselves. Holding on to whatever the ‘wise guys’ say is still NLP: it isn’t personal realisation yet. Yes, it may be good programming, but it’s still second hand. This why the Buddha – and this old guy – keep saying, “Do not take my word for it; test and see for yourself.”

This video is a perfect example of what goes on behind the scenes – the insight revealing our illusory reality.

Scene: mid 16th century from Latin ‘scena’, from Greek skēnē ‘tent, stage’.
NeuroLinguistic Programming –NLP- Faster than Hypnosis.

Even being told not to do something … we do it! We don’t notice the powerful effect of negative suggestion that continues in later life: being told that we mustn’t think or say certain things … we still think them, and we still say them. Psychologists know what they’re doing, and so we should know what they are doing.

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