Why We Should Bother About Our Minds?

Now is creating our future.
It’s only when we understand how our mind works
that we are in control.

We have to able to control our mind so that it doesn’t fly off the handle at any excuse. In this age of taking offence, if we do not control ourself, we will just end up in psychological hell.

This is why we sit in silence, watching the breath and not allowing thoughts to carry us away. When we say ‘us’, we mean consciousness. When thoughts arise in the mind during meditation, we merely return to watching the gentle breath. This very easy and simple: it is the ancient practice used to discipline and train our mind to be in control of constant judgements and emotions. Finding genuine inner peace, we can see clearly what is happening to consciousness.

Controlling our judgements and emotions doesn’t mean that we do not discern that which is harmful or beneficial; we just remain balanced and at ease in our approach. Compassion and kindness are pre-requisites when de-stressing a situation.

Most of the time, whatever we perceive goes straight to memory, and we then judge and react. This is the primitive brain of fight, flight or freeze at work. It may help us to survive but, if we are not careful, this attitude can become our lot in life. We do not notice that this process drives us into becoming a ‘Homo Iratus’ – an irritated human. 😀

Once we know how to survive, we no longer need our defensive display, and we now have time to reflect and realise what truth is for us. We can cut through our mechanicalness, just being aware and using our intelligence and ability to reason without emotion. When we have the clarity of awareness or consciousness, then we can choose how to respond rather than merely re-enacting our protective routine.

There are two types of psychology: one is based on our place in the world (our relative reality) and the other is our true reality of the original state of consciousness.

There is a fundamental difference between the modern mechanics of scientific psychology, and the mechanics of spiritual psychology. Modern psychology is about feeling good and being ‘normal’. Spiritual psychology is concerned with how the mind works rather than whether we feel good or not: it does not rely on conditions.

If we only use modern psychology to feel ‘good’ or ‘right’ then, when things aren’t going our way, we feel ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. The problem with feeling good or right is that we might then regard others as bad or wrong. It’s a vicious cycle of existence as we go round in circles.

I once asked a psychologist, “What is normal?” She said, “Normal is whatever is normal for that person.” The question then arises, “How did that person’s normal first come about?” Doesn’t it all depend on their environment which creates how they judge things, and is the reason why they are in their present state?

When considering spiritual psychology, we are looking at the whole being, and the true nature of the mind itself, consciousness itself. Understanding that this consciousness is pure clarity, we then feel good and right for no reason – it does not rely on anything. It’s like this clear, untainted screen and the writing on it; it is by virtue of the clarity of the screen that the words are clearly seen. Otherwise, we would see through a haze of confusing concepts – like this …

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 18.51.30

In meditation,
we are training the mind to see afresh,
to evolve into its reality
which is the source of all realisations.

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