Being Interested in Spirituality But Not Going Beyond

Knowledge can either be used as a weapon for us to control others and feel superior, or it can help us to find our path to realising our true reality of pure awareness, and gain freedom from ‘weaponised’ knowledge.

Of course, we think that we do good, do no harm, and have a trained mind. This is what all humans think, isn’t it? From a spiritual perspective, however, the very opposite is happening. Our actions are always directed to me first – my knowledge, my comfort – and thus, in subtle ways, we cause harm. We develop pride or jealousy and find fault, becoming competitive, antagonistic and angry, and create a dark place in our mind through our likes and dislikes which are born of ignorance of our true nature. We constantly separate ourselves from others.

All beings have the potential to evolve further and further, until we see the light of enlightenment. How long this process takes is up to us.

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