Dealing With Change

As we are creatures of habit, change can be upsetting, to say the least. Change is occurring quickly nowadays: everything has been speeded up through technology and media. The result is giddiness, chaos and uncertainty.

Change brings about conflict and, if seen properly, is the cause of evolution on the path to enlightenment. From this point of view, change is actually wonderful. We see things differently, as the seeing is valued differently. Perhaps we no longer judge and react so quickly, staying centred a little bit longer.

The alternative is that we become attacked by mental depression; things and people drop away, and the bottom falls out of our world (been there, done that.)

We may practise and practise something, getting nowhere, and then suddenly it all falls into place.

“Oh! And oh! … There is so much more!” That is a strange feeling, and it’s difficult to even talk about because it’s a personal background story. We always knew something was wrong!

What is it that keeps us going?

Inwardly, we know something. There is a longing. Many things and ideas are presented to us, and we feel, “Not this, not this.” Then suddenly,“Ah! That’s it! Thou art that!” To that, we must also then say, “Not this, not this,” for further change to occur, until non-duality is stabilised.

Once we get a taste of realisation,
there is no stopping, no falling back into that collective trance.

Change is coming out of the trance.
Even Buddhas cannot stop that.
In the history of the world, this time will stand out
as the moment when the world started to wake up … again.

This is due to demonic powers overplaying their hands.

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