The Shock Of Realisation

It wasn’t fifty years enduring the platitudes of spiritual groups
with their beliefs, conformity and dependency without empathy.

It was the recognition of their platitudes, beliefs, conformity and dependency and lack of empathy, that did it for me.

The awakening to consciousness didn’t come through the teachings. It was the demonic shenanigans going on in the world under the guise of “it’s for our own good”. Politics, religion and society have one thing in common; dependency on a captive audience. Suddenly, it was all clear – it’s all a field of dreams.

We may recognise that we suffer, and think that’s life … but it’s not a very nice life or dream.

Communities, spiritual groups, religions, politics, media are all at it, glorifying themselves while cementing madness, brick by brick.

Spiritual traditions talk about our desire for this and that, but this didn’t work for me as all I saw in students was all fur coat and no knickers! 😀 – attractive on the surface but lacking substance underneath.

I was shocked to realise that aversion worked, seeing how we have all been manipulated for millennia. Now, the teachings made sense! The Buddha never thought about his own suffering – he saw the suffering of others.

Liberation, wisdom and compassion are freedom from all contrivances. We do not lock ourselves away from these manipulations; rather, we see them as being empty and so, we empathise, seeing how easy it is to conform to a vacuous state without understanding the empty nature of everything.

When we realise that we are pure consciousness and that anything other obscures this pure consciousness, we know enough. Our spiritual path is then undoing all those man-made connections.

We weren’t born believing in anything – neither in Buddha nor God.
We are the substance underneath;
consciousness itself, pure and simple.

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