Heaven And Hell Are Not Separate

Heaven And Hell Are Not Separate

… and never were!

Who on Earth con-vinced humanity that heaven and hell were different places?
They are as inseparable as a mirror and its reflections – and it’s all in the mind. 😀

The concept of heaven and hell is psychological misdirection, a slight of hand creating malfunction and confusion in the mind. Fear creates its opposite of hope. Positive as opposed to negative, that’s all. It is fear that has enslaved humanity and, in each generation, the same theme is set differently in the hope and fear that nobody notices.

In our confusion, we fixate about opposites, turning this way and that. It is because of this duality that we fight with one another, and feel righteous about it. This is the humanity trap. 

All sentient beings wander throughout the universe, failing to recognise their nature as the wisdom in which all phenomena remains in equality. Due to the power of confusion of dualistic fixation, we grasp at separateness, and are preoccupied by non-duality as being two. For this reason, we are not liberated.

In the moment of an appearance in the mind – which registers as a reaction – recognition takes place, and in that very moment we are free, but don’t notice this. The obsession – our biased judgement and reaction that obscures that first moment – never existed, but were merely an occurrence in the mind. 

We learn how to obscure our reality. When demonic mind said, “Seeing is believing”, that is exactly what the magician intended – believe rather than see. We have been ruled by mind games for millennia.

When we study the Dharma of our spiritual psychology concerning Samsara and Nirvana, all this is explained. 

As long as we accept opposites as reality, we stay in ignorance. 

Play the magicians at their own game,
and stop believing in fear.

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