How To Survive Belief
Stop believing and know

How many, in this crazy world, believe in something or other? We live our lives in a belief-reality, and don’t even question this dream world. We weren’t born believing, were we? A belief is someone else’s ideas, someone else’s world.

We adopt beliefs and run with them, trying to outshine others’ beliefs, while both of these are empty of any real existence. This is futile diligence. We live by “perhaps this”, and “perhaps that”, living and dying in total ignorance. We have merely been playing with other people’s toys, without asking why – and even the toy makers cannot help themselves.

A.I. (and its handlers)
knows more about us than we do.
We supply the information,
and it sees our habitual patterns,
predicts our movements,
adjusts our reactions and thinking.

We ignore the fact that we do not have an original thought,
believing ‘smart’ is good for us.

Try not looking at your usual sites today.
Try looking at your own patterning.

We survive belief when we know what is actually real. That knowing is consciousness. When consciousness realises its true nature of purity, that is 100% knowingness. We are 100% conscious. If we ignore consciousness, we live in 1% reality.

Belief is a fantasy, and a denial of truth.

Belief is a facade; a false front or superficial image portrayal. Behind that is emptiness … and this where it gets interesting. Emptiness can be either a vacuous state of mindless hope and fear, or a term for pure consciousness without hope or fear.

When we realise that we are the empty cognisance of pure consciousness,
every thing is known to be a vacuous, impermanent state.

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  1. Jutta o says:

    believe is not knowing

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Reblogged this on Ben Naga and commented:
    So simple.

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