Realisation – The Great Disappointment

Realisation isn’t about being elevated.
It is about fixations being alleviated.

Elevated: puffed-up.
Alleviated: deflated.

As long as we expect, we will be disappointed. Peace begins when expectation ends. Realisation, which is available to everyone, is non-duality where there is no relating to anything, no reference point, no self. ‘Self-realisation’ is the absence (shunyata) of a fixed Self, revealing pure cognisance/pure consciousness.

Realisation is being fully aware that we are, in essence, enlightened beings – although it may not seem like it because of all the razzle-dazzle surrounding this word ‘realisation’. 😀 

When we receive spiritual instruction from those who look the part in name and appearance, a problem may occur. It’s the fishy, ‘white coat syndrome’ when we believe what we are told by someone in authority. And if we feel that we don’t look the part, we may think that we cannot succeed or gain fulfilment.

This is why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it”. Realisation is perfectly ordinary, and that is precisely why it can seem disappointing. Even though disappointment is sadness caused by the non-fulfilment of our expectations, there is a final joy of, “Is that all?” “Oh! That is all!!!”

Now, how to survive realisation
😀 😀 😀

This is to do with conduct, and the six perfections of generosity, patience, conscience, discipline, concentration, and the wisdom of duality and non-duality having been realised. The six perfections are our safety net, ensuring that we do not fall back into common ways.

Realisation is now sustained until enlightenment occurs … and even if it doesn’t, we at least feel fulfilled. Good and bad outcomes become a unity. Once we understand this, life is a play of karma which we no longer reinforce. The six perfections see to that!

The only disappointment now
is wishing that we had realised this sooner.:D

We may be at the beginning of our path,
in the middle or near the end.

Half empty or half full!

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