Investigating Truth – Recognising Evidence

The problem with investigating truth is knowing the difference between wanting proof (something acquired or borrowed) as opposed to proving as a personal experience.

If we want proof without proving, whatever we come up with will still be a theory; it’s someone else’s proof. Once we have proven something for our self, then we have genuine proof.

This is why the Buddha said,
“Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

As long as we merely follow orders, 
and do not truly investigate our self for ‘ourself’,
others’ embellishments can lead us back to square one – doubt.

Of course, we have the choice not to be bothered looking, seeing, and dropping whatever is seen in order to realise what exactly is left to see, but truly, it is the dropping that is of utmost importance to prevent duality deforming non-duality.

Realising what remains … that’s what it’s about.
Original pure awareness.

Once we realise what it’s about, we can then recognise whatever obscures that pure awareness. And in fact, this is what practice is all about: the moment of seeing distraction becomes the unity of the two truths – absolute and relative. Seeing and the thing seen.

Now we can get on with our lives in the knowledge and wisdom that every appearance in the mind which causes a distraction is our original teacher. Once all clinging formations drop away, that surely is enlightenment. We are not just surviving; we are living in happiness.

Religion is now no longer required, 
as it merely takes us back to square one.

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