Nothing’s Going To Change

History only teaches us that we will do the same things again, and the world will continue to go round in circles. Mara can never break its routine; it plays games, and we suffer.

Change only occurs when we realise that we have the ability to see clearly and, as a result, we experience causes and their effects.

It’s possible for us to do good for a while and chant mantras and hymns, but real change only comes with seeing the cause of suffering. Mara is a force that is opposed to enlightenment; because we don’t want change, its effects are pervasive:

Mara – unwittingly – is the path to enlightenment.  When Siddhartha was attacked by demons (Mara), he placed his hand on the ground, which meant, “I bear witness, I see”. Finally, he became a Buddha, an enlightened being.

We can’t stop the world and get off, but we can enjoy the relief of being free of its effects.

“We are free in the moment of seeing” – Tulku Urgyen.

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