Evil Is Banal

We may think of evil as something terrible, but that extreme vision starts with a lack of understanding of our original nature. Evil lacks originality: it is banal and obvious, and obeys its programming without question.

Our original nature – pure consciousness – is also obvious when pointed out and realised, but it is free of programming. The banal mind sees this originality as a mystery, because banality has made itself so complex that it cannot see the wood for the trees; it’s so involved in the details that it doesn’t notice what’s important about the thing as a whole.

We are confused because we are ignorant of our true reality. Banality can only believe, which obscures direct experience of our original nature of consciousness.

This banality of evil started thousands of years ago, when we were enticed into believing in something ‘out there’ whileignoring the reality within, and we became separate and therefore lacked love.

Knowing the truth, we recognise a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“By their fruit, you will recognise them” (Matthew 7:15)
By our fruit, we too will be recognised (Tony 9.35am 😉 )

We are free in the moment of seeing that we have become banal.
In that seeing, we remember our originality.

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5 Responses to EVIL IS BANAL

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would you say that our original nature (Pure Consciousness) is inherently good and we therefore upon realizing IT are on the side of “good” ISO “evil” ?
    Kind regards

    • tony says:

      This is an important question.

      Our original reality is pure conscious goodness. This original nature naturally cares about others. It does not want to do harm.

      When this pure consciousness identifies with an illusory image of self however, everything become me and mine, and selfishness occurs. That is the beginning of evil intent.

      This illusory self does not exist, so, nor does evil. We live in an upside down world of confusion.

      Goodness knows! 😀

      • Anonymous says:


        “When this pure consciousness identifies with an illusory image of self however, everything become me and mine, and selfishness occurs. That is the beginning of evil intent.”

        Do you think the illusory image of self can also give rise to good intent ?
        If not, then we have to remain in pure consciousness.
        But can we do that ?

        kind regards

        • tony says:

          Once we realise that we are pure consciousness, then this illusory self image expresses itself with good intent.

          This body and mind is becomes a precious vehicle. That’s what Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do.

          We are all Buddhas in the mud of concepts.
          Whatever we do now is by virtue of pure consciousness, otherwise we wouldn’t know anything.

          Our only problem is attachment. Pure consciousness forgets it’s original nature of emptiness and becomes distracted.

          Pure consciousness sees through the senses. The senses have no concepts, they just see, smell, taste, hear, feel and so we can just get on with the jobs we have to do.

          It is in the mind that we start claiming and identifying with things that we feel dissatisfied and so suffer.

          All the while pure consciousness sits and watches. It’s doing this now.


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