Have Doubts, But Doubt The Doubt

Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty, lack of conviction, questioning, lack of faith in something.

Never believe what you are told.
The Buddha said.
“Do not take my words for truth: test them for yourself.”

Only going to teachings, reading and acquiring good words can literally take us in the opposite direction from realising the truth, and we will remain just a believer – one who does not know.

Question everything, but realise what is questioning. That is the answer!

We search for the meaning of life, when the meaning of life is the ultimate reality of pure consciousness. Seeking that supreme state of being, we realise that we are – surprise, surprise – that pure being. It’s crucial to realise this, rather than merely being told about it. That supreme state of being is reading these words right now, without comment.

Do you feel the elation of the illation? 😀
The recognition of the inferred conclusion?

When receiving the pointing out instruction of the nature of mind (that we are non-dual, pure consciousness), there is a moment of doubt – “Is this it, or not?” Stay there, doubt and then let the doubt be. The moment between knowing and not knowing …

If we decide that that’s it, we reify it.
Just let it go.

This is subtle – extremely subtle – but ordinary.
Become familiar with this non-finding, and rest in non-duality.
Continue to do this until certainty is gained.

We only want something more
– something spectacular –
because of all the stories we’ve heard.

This ain’t gonna happen!

When we realise the truth,
we know what isn’t truth.

And … that’s what it’s all about.

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