Judging And Being Judgemental

Spiritual practice is about knowing the difference.

One is momentary;
the weighing up of possibilities.

The other is mechanical;
being predictable and fixated.

In being judgemental, we don’t see clearly because, instead of being fresh, pure awareness, we go straight to memories (our programming) and form judgements from there. Glued to the past, information fuels emotions, reactions and conflict.

Consciousness clinging to memories and judgements is the basis of self. Self is a meme, an imitation, a mental trophy we carry around, and it’s a sitting duck for trigger words.

Our imaginary self (our imaginary friend 🙂 ) is either a tool or a weapon.
As a weapon, it engages in conflict.
As a tool, it is a karmic teacher, leading to compassion and enlightenment.
Which would you trust?

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