Not Seeing Eye To Eye

It’s impossible to see things the same way as others unless, through experience, we can empathise. The more we suffer, the more we can be of benefit.

As we evolve, it is impossible to see things the way we saw things before; again, through experience, we can empathise with our previous, mistaken views.

If we cannot empathise with our self, we will continue to carry around old trauma/wounds.

Seeing things differently to others is due to our past experiences that have affected the way we see now. For that reason, we talk at cross purposes – and unfortunately, this creates unintentional conflict that leads to disagreement, and even hatred.

It is through experience – and understanding – that we evolve. If we spend our life backing away, we merely live to argue another day. We don’t have to be a scholar to realise the truth that we are that which we seek; we just have to recognise that we are seeing our self-image in action.

To meet anyone who feels the same way
is a truly rare and precious moment.

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  1. Wind says:

    Tat tvam asi! 🙂

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