What Are The Qualities Of Mind Essence?

The only way we can find the answer to this is through personal questioning and experience. Someone else’s answer is hearsay and thus, only a generalisation. It is for us to experience personally. Don’t take it for granted that, because we hear something, we know it. We have to re-cognise, to re-know it, otherwise we live in the illusion of hearsay, which is belief. To escape the mass illusion of beliefs, it is we who have to find the exit, while any reaction merely inhibits freedom.

Beliefs have absolutely no reality.

To illustrate how we only know something through personal experience: light falling on a white cast head causes a shadow on the form, but notice that where the light falls directly, the cast shadows are sharp, whereas when it follows around a form, the shadow is soft or gradated. This is how the artist gets a realistic and accurate result. We would not see these differences unless we were shown them. The point is that we then have to look to see if this is true … or where it is not accurate.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 15.40.10

Mind essence is pure awareness or pure consciousness. It is vivid clarity, unencumbered by contaminating speculations that cause anxiety, and lock us in to doubt. We think that this prison of confusion and doubt is normal, but it isn’t.

We are free in the very moment of seeing.
That is the magic that dissolves all mysteries.

It is only when we realise that we are the very essence of mind – clear space – that we can recognise these contaminants, and they drop away all by themselves.

When we investigate mind essence, we try to see how it is, where it came from, and whether it changes. In realising that it never changes, that it came from nowhere and that it is everlasting, we understand what we are, and realise the answer for ourselves.

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