Meditation Isn’t The Answer To Our Problems!?

This was said by a very influential professor who actually meditates. And it’s doublespeak. He means that meditation isn’t the answer to his – and his organisation’s – problems, but it is the answer to our problems.

When we can answer our own questions, we are free of others’ influences. His organisation doesn’t want us to be free; they want us to have nothing and be happy. You know who I mean – the forum for world economics (and the word ‘economics’ tells us everything we need to know about them).

Meditation reveals the meaning to life, and that is to discover our true reality of pure, non-dual consciousness. When we realise this, life is automatically better and happier, and we can see how others make this realisation intellectually complicated.

Through meditation, we gain clarity, compassion and wisdom. With clarity, we see directly, while compassion through empathy halts arrogance, and wisdom is the way in which we can benefit others skilfully. So why would anyone say that meditation doesn’t work?

When we meditate properly and completely, we know ourself inside out, and thereby know others inside out. We understand what controls our behaviour, but these influencers want us to give up this right to autonomy so that they can know us and control us. It’s that sinister.

It is the advocates of A.I. who want a machine to know us better than we know ourselves – which it already does through the internet and shopping. The proof of this is in brand awareness, where the brain lights up before we’re even aware. That’s how A.I. works. Brand awareness has the power to guide us through life as it know our preferences and weaknesses. They now want to know us from the inside by inserting micro-chips. Why would they want this? For our welfare or theirs? When someone is wealthy and powerful, they want to stay that way without others interfering with their plan.

Meditation isn’t just being aware within and without, as in mindfulness meditation. It is about realising this awareness as consciousness – pure consciousness, in fact – when we know how to drop the meditation and realise our true reality. We are not ‘useless eaters’.

It is said that the Dharma (the teachings on reality) can only be destroyed from within, and it looks like that plan is well under way. Under the guise of a ‘better world’, people will miss the whole point – that utopia is already within! The advocates of a ‘better world’ want fewer people in it as that makes it better for them.

This theme is in everything these people do and say, and it’s something we don’t like to consider. Have you notice how many dystopian films there are? This reflects a worrying belief held by the wealthy and powerful. Free thinking and free speech is also under attack as it is the means to divide and conquer.

Know thy self before others do.
The question is, is your mind your own?

If we do not wake up to our full potential, we will drift through life in ignorance, half-baked without thinking things through and lacking a sound basis.

Spotting deceptions is the Great Reset.

The Greater Reset
is transforming our human existence to an enlightened realisation.

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