Compassion Is Maturity Of Understanding

Having compassion means knowing both our dark and light sides.
Compassion is not a word that we apply to ourselves in order to feel superior;
it is the skilful means to empathise actively with how a condition came about.

Compassion stems from wanting to know the nature of everything.
There is nothing that we ignore, as there are clues everywhere.
In this way, pure perception stays alive and awake.

If we cannot see our dark side, we remain in the dark.
Acknowledgement of our dark side is due to the pure light.
The pure light of consciousness is what we are.
The darkness is our confusion.

Knowing both light and dark, empathy and compassion arise.
All sentient beings have to face their dark side,
and that’s how we evolve into the light.

The more we are aware of the dark, the more the light is shining.
Never feel a failure; that’s the effect of others’ darkness.
When we are mature enough to face others’ negativity, we have compassion.

Never hide your love.

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