The Daily Clone

Whatever we see or hear has an effect on our mind, body, and way of life; without noticing, we have adopted subliminal messages. ‘Subliminal’ refers to a stimulus below the threshold of consciousness which affects our mind without us realising it. One could say it’s like a mental virus. We take sides, without realising what created that preference in the first place.

This is why ‘The Daily Clone’ has to spew out large amounts of programming in order to keep us connected to their branching network, hoping that these twigs will bear fruit.

Clone: from Greek klōn, ‘twig’.
Twig: a slender branch growing from a tree.

‘Twig’, however, has a second meaning …
‘to twig’ is to understand or realise something.

In not taking sides, we see the complete picture.
To twig or not to twig; that is the question.

It is through correct meditation that we can start to see clearly,
and become free of bias.

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