Fake Gurus, Real Gurus And Reliable Gurus

A fake* guru tells us what we want to hear = something interesting.
A real guru tells us what we already know = “Is that all?”
A reliable* guru is our self-karma = it’s with us all the way.

Fake gurus say something different.
Real gurus say something familiar.
Reliable gurus show us how it is.

This why the enlightened say,
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.

Gurus tell us all sorts of things, but what matters is that which is listening.
When karma has gone, self has gone, and we have gone beyond

We are the authority.
Beware of giving it away too readily.

*Fake: an imitation.a mask
*Reliable: consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted, dependable, good, well founded, well grounded, authentic, definitive, attested, valid, genuine.

If a conversation revolves around hearsay, we are engaging with a mask, with cliches, theories and idealogical platitudes, and there is no communication.

If there is genuine, empathetic give-and-take, and a meaningful conversation ensues, then we are talking to the actual person who is familiar with their own trauma.

Whether we like ourself or not,
it is our path to enlightenment – or hell.

What are we, when we are not addicted to ideas?

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