Actual Meditation Is Non-Meditation

The Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose.” What did he mean by that? We neither cling to the method nor become distracted. Meditation is just a reminder. Once we remember or realise our reality of awareness or consciousness, we drop any attachment and rest in pure awareness. Then we finally realise what we are!

It cannot be described as there is nothing going on. It’s pure and simple. The outcome of meditation is clarity, wisdom and empathy for others. To keep meditating on a method can become indulgent and pointless. Meditation is about being centred. Once we are centred, we no long have to meditate.

During each session, we may actually meditate for only a few moments – and the best moment is when we stop; we can all recognise the relief of that! Once we know non-meditation, we can do that anywhere, at any time, in any company.

Resting beyond words is natural, and we become more sensitive to our surroundings. All creatures can do this, and communicate.

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