Life Should Be Frustrating

We can’t change anything.

Life is frustrating because there are different views of the same subject. People cannot even agree on what is truth, or what is important in life. Frustration has many levels, from disheartenment to anger. We have a right to feel frustrated; it’s understandable – or it should be.

Others might say, “Don’t be irritated. Stay calm.” This is a gross misunderstanding of the frustration or dissatisfaction that creates suffering. They’re actually saying, “Don’t admit you’re suffering – I don’t want to hear it”. This view is insubstantial to say the least.

It is dissatisfaction or suffering that leads us onto the path of enlightenment. Staying calm is only one part of the equation of suffering; we have to realise its cause, which can inspire us to keep going.

When talking to others, we could feel that nothing of what they say makes sense. It doesn’t make sense because it’s incomplete – it’s an unenlightened world – and this is the very key to empathy!

We remember how stubborn and arrogant we were (or still are 🙂 ), and that is why we feel uncomfortable and dig our heels in because we know something innately but may not be completely clear about what that is. It is the very goodness within.

This goodness is self-aware, pure essence of consciousness.

If we have no frustration,
we have no path.

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