How Do We Know?

This is not about what we know or have learnt,
but how we know.

When we know how we know,
we realise there is knowingness that is present before a knower is felt.

The knower comes in a moment after knowingness. The knower becomes an identifier, and we’re back in a relative realm, caught up in this and that, when consciousness’s attention is caught, and off we go again in a pointless circle of confusion.

We can see all this for ourself.

A spiritual organisation will imply that we don’t know, and need to come back. In this way, we become needy, returning to our cosy group/church/temple/gompa. That’s what we do, all the time – find our comfort zone.

We do know, and only need to come back when we forget,
in the same way that we return to the meditation when we forget our true nature.

Everybody knows but, in ignoring this knowingness, we feel uncomfortable.
When we know that we know, we are free of neediness.

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