Before Religion

Absolute truth: we are purely consciousness, purely aware without commentaries or elaborations.

Adepts who realise this absolute truth express it in their own way. This expression takes the form of words. Words become actions, and actions become organised, and can evolve into a religion.

The adept should say, “Do not take my word for this; see for yourself and test it.” When we have tested it, we no longer have to hang on to being organised by religion.

Religions, texts and teachings are stepping stones – generalisations to realising the truth – but they are not the truth per se.

Religion becomes a form, a style, to house the essence of absolute truth for practitioners to realise this truth of their being. Once realised, this means giving up the form, the display of elaborations.

We can be easily institutionalised by, and thus dependent on, religion. Unfortunately, this becomes an addiction – a fear of letting go.

Once we rest in pure consciousness, there is no consciousness, no non-consciousness, no I, no religion, no Buddha, no elaborate organisation, no hierarchy, no politics … just perfect emptiness within this irritating world! 😀

Gone, gone, gone beyond …

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