The Proof Of Reincarnation

It stands to reason, but not for everyone.

From big bangs, nebula / stardust forms to give rise to the next solar system, creating all phenomena – even our bodies. All phenomena eventually gives up the ghost to another big bang, and the cycle starts again. We can see that matter reincarnates and changes form.

What of us?

When stardust settles, the right conditions are created for single-cell forms to gradually self-replicate, facilitating more complex bodies. The human body, for instance, comprises about 10,000 billion cells. All life on Earth evolved from single-celled organisms that lived 3.5 billion years ago.

Where does consciousness come from?

Consciousness(es), like stardust, permeates the infinite universe, driven by unique personal karmic propensity and seeking somewhere habitable for that particular karma. Karma = habit!

The choice of embodiment presently available on this planet
is incomprehensible.

There is a lot of consciousness on Earth
(and we have to include roughly 525 billion sperm cells in the life of every male! :D).

Of course, some will say that consciousness is created with the body, and is just part of our chemistry. That’s okay for those who think that way, but it’s not for everyone; we each have to reason for ourselves, and live with the consequences. A body cannot exist without consciousness. Consciousness is life.

We are all born with tendencies, talents and bigotries.
Mentally, we are not all one, are we?

Why does consciousness wander?

Consciousness’s true essence is ethereal purity which is not attached to anything. It is seeking its true nature – and thus true satisfaction – but, through habit, it ends up looking for something more familiar, turning us aside and causing consciousness to solidify in a body. We are acting out this fixation right now …

It is because of this fixation that mind develops, causing the brain to build in a certain, unique way. We have been doing this from beyond time. Time only exists due to phenomena that is born, dwells and disintegrates, ready for the next transformation. In space, there is no time: it just is, like consciousness.

Reincarnation has elements or driving forces from previous incarnations.
Everything recycles, all evolving in its own good time.

Consequences make life precious.

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