Who Can I Trust?

Well, we cannot trust our self, as our self is merely an acquisition of ideas of others (who, in turn, trust others’ ideas 🙂 ) So, we cannot trust anyone – not even a Buddha. “Don’t take my word for it!” is a very good start.

Now, we come to who or what is actually asking the question, “Who can I trust?”

A. That which is beyond the thinking mind.
Pure consciousness by which consciousness can be known.

What’s the difference between consciousness and pure consciousness?
Consciousness is what we are in nature, which is subject to conditions.
Pure consciousness is what we are in essence, which is not dependent on conditions.

How do we differentiate?
Through the practice of absolute stillness
witnessing the movement of consciousness
reaching out to thoughts in the mind,
and thus losing purity.

In moments of doubt and confusion,
the silence-that-sees is our reality, and is the only thing to be trusted.

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