Happy for no reason.

 There are many troubles in the world, and every day someone, somewhere, is doing something to make it worse – and to be honest, we don’t help. So how are we going to be happy for no reason?

 There is friction everywhere: in families, with the neighbours, at work, on the internet…the whole world is arguing! To be honest, it’s what human beings do – being controlled by their reptilian brain. The difference between animals and humans is that humans can know their essence, while animals cannot (although many humans don’t know their essence!)

 So how are we to find happiness in so much confusion? And what is happiness?

 “Happy for no reason” sounds good. It suggests unconditional happiness, but it doesn’t last. If it lasted, we’d be enlightened wouldn’t we? People can easily say, “I’m happy for no reason,” but push their button, and off goes their happiness.

 What is happiness?

 Well, obviously there would be fewer desires, fewer conditions. More contentment because we would have more gratitude. More generosity, and genuine compassion for others, that they may find happiness.

 Maybe the more “I” am out of the picture, the less the need for happiness.

 One gets the feeling that these moments of happiness are supposed to join up into a continuous experience, and we become enlightened. What if that is not quite the case? We obviously need those temporary moments of happiness (“happy for no reason”) to inspire us to keep going, but in the end we have to drop the whole concept of being happy…and be happy!

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