Taking Awareness for Granted…

and so limiting our potential by not noticing this awareness!

Be aware of awareness.
Resting, silent, in that awareness,
awareness becomes pure awareness.
Be aware of habitual reactions arising in that pure awareness.Pure awareness dissolves habitual reactions.

We are no longer what we think!

The main practice is:
being aware of habitual reactions in this pure awareness.

All re-actions and dialogue in the mind are karmically produced from our past (the result of causes and effects): this creates our programming in this lifetime.

Being aware of our reactions means that, in that moment, habitual patterning ceases, and no karma is produced. The programme has temporarily stopped. Because of confidence in pure awareness, unconfined joy arises. Because of this joy (our natural state), natural compassion arises, wishing others the same clarity.

Habitual reactions maintain a mistaken, rigid, self-personality – limiting our capacity. When this habitual patterning is dropped, intelligence increases! In truth, this intelligence has always been present, but is clouded by habitual programming, which maintains our fixated I-Identity.

One day, the temporary cessation of programming will be permanent.
That is enlightenment.
And that is why we practise.

So strange…
that we have to practise being our true selves:
that is what the programming has done to us.
We are much more intelligent than we think!

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  1. tony says:

    … A major problem with habitual reactions is that we may condemn ourselves to doubt or even how clever we are. Either way it’s a limiting programme and not what we truly are.


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