Meditation Doesn’t Make Us Nice People

Conduct does.

We may have a ‘high view’ and be able to meditate very well, sitting still and straight and mastering complex practices, but our behaviour is the hallmark of achievement.

When we understand (through meditation) that the nature of mind is pure awareness – and that that pure awareness is the nature of our mind – then we understand that the nature of mind of others is pure awareness as well.

Pure awareness is dry because it just is. The moisture comes from expressing pure awareness: that is love without conditions. Confident compassion arises, which influences our conduct. Conduct is merely the continuity of pure awareness, which is the result of meditation.

Having lost a strong sense of self identity (expressing a ‘mere I’, a little ego), we then care more about others than we do about ourselves, and true happiness arises. This is a rare event, and worthwhile…as it is.

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