Town Yogi
who doesn’t want to practise

Some of us can’t practise, won’t practise, or don’t see the point of practising, but we still want to know. Well, we can! All that is needed is for ultimate reality to be pointed out, and then it is our job to remember and sustain it. It’s a back door to practising. 🙂 We are practising remembering and seeing. If we find this too difficult or our mind is still confused, we then use formal practices. I do both.

As individuals, formal practice prepares us with the right motivation and understanding for the moment of recognition of our true nature. Does it work? I’m not sure. However, when the right moment arrives, and the pointing out instruction is given, then that moment can be quite powerful.

Between you and me, my response was, “Is that all?”!

This approach may not work for everyone as the mind still needs convincing, so study and practice are needed.

Usually, the pointing out instruction is given within a special atmosphere so that we take it in…we ‘get it’! This is why it is regarded as secret. The short text used is often, “The Lamp That Dispels Darkness” by Mipham Rinpoche.

It is not understood through intelligence but by direct experience. Throughout this blog, there are expressions of this, without formality. It is merely awareness looking at itself and finding nothing but awareness which is recognised and indescribable.

“Is that all?”
“That is all.”

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9 Responses to TOWN YOGI

  1. tony says:

    This “Special atmosphere” is so we take it seriously, which creates a heightened awareness. Of course we can try too hard and actually miss the whole point… I did the first time! 😀

    Reading about it on some blokes blog may not give it the same value or quality. My main point is that it is ordinary, in the sense of being extra-ordinarily simple. Ordinary people have this wisdom nature, this awakened nature, this Buddha nature.

    As the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself!”


  2. tony says:

    There you go…it is that simple….knowing!

  3. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Tony
    I really enjoyed listening to that video: he is clearly speaking from an experiential point of view. Very very helpful. As you wrote today, “That is all”.
    May I just ask you to clarify…I know how much you like terminology! 🙂 He speaks of ‘knowing’ – are the words ‘knowing’, ‘awareness’ and ‘recognition’ interchangeable? It does seem that they are, providing that there is an understanding of what it is that is ‘known’ or that one is ‘aware’ of or ‘recognises’.

    • tony says:

      Hello Daisy,
      It’s all to do with context -the way we use words. Awareness, knowing, perception, consciousness can mean the same thing, or they may be used to show subtle differences.

      The same word can have many meanings. This is why people probably argue.

      There is however an extremely subtle difference between knowing and pure knowing or awareness and pure awareness.

      This is only recognised in meditation and beyond meditation.


  4. marcel says:

    Hi Tony, it would help if you could post a video with a pointing-out of “That is all.”, just like the guy above, but à la Tony, but maybe I’m overasking here. Sorry if so.

    • tony says:

      Hello Marcel,
      Hmm, I’ve thought about doing videos, as it may be more helpful than reading. However reading is more neutral – not much personality.

      But still it’s good to show that the dharma is for ordinary people, in an ordinary way. We don’t have to be scholars to proceed along our path.

      I’ve tussled for some time with just sharing experiences and teachings I have received, and not wanting to called a teacher.

      If we listen to others then they are our teachers. Everything is our teacher.

      We’ll see what happens.


  5. tony says:

    The pointing out instruction seems to be more available to students, and can even be seen on youtube. It’s good to experience the different ways it is pointed out. However it may even be confusing, as there are different cultural ways of expressing the same thing.

    An intellectual understanding is not the point directly. There does need a little preparation (a warm up) to realise the shock surprise. “OH! That’s it?… Of course! …Silly me! …No, not silly me, it was my confusion that led me to this! That’s when the eyes started watering….

  6. marcel says:

    G’morning Tony,

    At this level, it can very well be, that we are missing the point altogether. Things like conduct, practise, recognition, awareness, to name but a few, are quite subtle and can easily be misunderstood. Just like you said above: “There is however an extremely subtle difference between knowing and pure knowing or awareness and pure awareness”.

    Indeed, very subtle stuff, and it’s not so easy to give heads and feets to it in daily life. The other day, I was thinking about keeping a spiritual diary to list subtle moments during an ordinary day. Moments of going beyond, moments of letting go, moments of clinging and non-clinging. These kind of things.. Moment of “there it is”, “there you go”. Indeed, let’s see what happens.. There you go! 🙂

    • tony says:

      Sounds like a very busy diary.
      It’ll probably blow your brains out! 😀

      The pointing out instruction can work in many ways. It all depends on the recipient. It can be a direct introduction into emptiness or serve as a ‘good virus’ a ‘good seed’ to grow into fruition.

      I’ll talk more later.


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