Responding To A Hostile World

If we want to solve a problem, we need to analyse the problem closely. If we leave this to others, then we become part of their analysis! People are dying prematurely through the use of weapons, chemicals, under-eating, over-eating, stress…and the smug don’t notice this.

The world should be a happy place. So what (or who) is causing all the trouble in the world? This is tricky, because we first have to start by looking at our selves – our divided selves. Me and my shadow. The pure essence of mind and the contents of mind. We need to understand how protective we are about these ‘me and mine’ concepts. Then we can look at the world, the collective.

We have to accept that humans divide themselves into groups – ‘us’ and ‘them’. Some see things one way and others another, and we are born into groups and cultures. We may decide against our group, and find we’ve joined another group. ‘Analysts’ have got this all sewn up!

With a good heart and intelligence, we can appreciate the differences in music, food, holidays, arts, spiritual matters – and even religious and political views.

But something happens and the differences become exaggerated, and hatred can even arise. What is this ‘something happens’? There are two reasons – fear and desire. These stem from the one basic ignorance, of being unaware of our true nature of essence love. We are not different in essence, only in expression. We can actually express love in everything we do, but unfortunately, because of lack of understanding and claims of ‘love’, our expression is tainted.

There is another reason for social disruption,
and that is that third parties seeking gain by dividing people.

How does one deal with this? By being aware, we don’t become party to the division of ‘us’ and ‘them’. The way the world is, is the way the world is, at this moment in time. The outward manifestations and subversive causes of the horrors being committed in the world are traumatising people so that they don’t know which way to turn. This results in chaos and confusion, and we can therefore be easily controlled, which results in more suffering.

Strangely enough, this very suffering is the spur to look into the causes of suffering. These are the first two noble truths of the Buddha.

This is why it is said that, in the Kali Yuga – the age of strife – we can make the fastest progress, because the Dzogchen teachings have been made available and understandable. It is also said that, when the age of peace comes, people will be less interested in the Dzogchen teachings and as a consequence, they will be more difficult to access.

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