Waking Up Is Disconcerting

No longer connected to the hive
where people are busily occupied,
we become an outcast, a reject.

“Hmm…Do I have to be an outcast…?”
In the face of rejection from others,
we just have to remain
confident, kind, well disposed and courteous.
The act of rejection – however subtle –
was the very reason we woke up.
We rejected the hive mentality.

To be honest,
there is still a conflict between awakening
and stability in awakening.

It is as it is.

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  1. marcel says:

    With awakening comes sadness (and a deep fatigue to live up with the daily routine and expectations.. “Ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. There is definitely a need for joy and confidence to sustain the new state.. Thanks Tony for the continuous blogging!

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