The World Is Ruled By Reptilians!

We’ve all read this on the internet, and…it’s true. However, it’s not what you think!

Where are these reptilians? Can we see them? Oh yes, it’s quite simple; the reptilians are at work everywhere, and they control OUR world.

Within our brain is what is called the ‘primitive’ brain, sometimes referred to as the ‘reptilian’ brain, which controls our instinctive reactions of survival; of desires and fears, and also of indifference. This is known as the motor reaction of flight, fight and freeze. The three F’s πŸ˜‰ Usually, the primitive brain is said to control fight or flight, but on closer observation, we see freeze happening as well. All sentient beings are controlled by these basic instincts of desire, aversion and ignorance.

These are the inner demons that rule us. They rule us as individuals and we, in turn, try to rule others …more or less. Social hierarchies have their foundations in this.

Inner demons are conflicts of hope, fear and ignorance in the mind.
Outer demons are everyone else’s conflicts of hope, fear and ignorance.

How do we resolve these demons?
Easy. Give up hope, fear and ignorance.

And how do we do that?
Neither accept nor reject anything that occurs. Whatever arises is our path. If we say, β€œWell, I don’t like it – I want another path” we’ve just given in to accepting and rejecting again – and are governed by reptilian brain again πŸ˜€ We cannot get off our path; there is nowhere else. All we can do is shorten or lengthen the length of time on the path.

In neither accepting nor rejecting, we just become aware of what is taking place, and pause to look more closely because it is telling us something – whether we recognise it or not. This moment is extremely important because, even though we may be able to join up the dots, there are finer dots within that pattern of dots, and a deep change can take place from a recognition of this. This is illustrated in the nine vehicles of Buddhism, where the same words are used but the meaning changes and becomes clearer – as in, β€œHow on earth did I not see that before?” said in response to something to which we had previously responded with β€œHow on earth did I not see that before?” πŸ˜€

We are only controlled by our – and others’ -reptilian brains because we consent to it. From a Dzogchen perspective, these same reptilian activities are seen as wisdoms.
Crazy but true.

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  1. tony says:

    Of course we may think that we use the rest of the brain as well, but we will notice that in a room of people there are those we are attracted to, those we move away from, and those we ignore.

    Even though we may consider ourselves spiritual, this reptilian brain is quite active now!

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